Great people come up with great answers and are the engine that drives an organization to excel. What is a company if not a group of people who together can accomplish something greater than they can as individuals? By that definition, the higher the quality of those individuals, the greater the accomplishment.

Once you’ve got the best people, you’ve got to create an atmosphere that not only keeps them, but also spurs them to excellence. As your most important asset, they must receive guidance, recognition, and continually renewed motivation.

bus riderGetting, Guiding, and Keeping the Best and Brightest
In the book Good to Great, author Jim Collins explains how the truly superior companies first get the best and brightest on board, and then together this exemplary team decides where to direct the enterprise. Get the right people on the bus, sitting in the right seats, be rigorous in removing those who don’t belong, and then decide where to drive it. Achieving this requires more than instinct and a flair for conducting job interviews. Fortunately, tools once available and affordable by only the largest firms can now help any size corporation select and guide its people to greatness.

Predicting how a candidate will act in your business environment and tailoring his/her assessment to specific job requirements increases the probability of a successful hire. Added to a thoughtful interview and vetted references, results from an accurate, online behavioral assessment program will help your firm select the best and the brightest.

Behavior Assessment Tools
One of the advantages of behavioral assessments is the ability to clearly, concisely, and systematically guide employees’ performance toward higher personal achievement while furthering strategic goals. As a developmental tool, our assessment program provides a benchmark for measuring changes over time. As an annual checkup, it will confirm that your staffs’ strengths grow and that opportunities for improvement have been properly addressed.

Our behavior assessment tools will:
* Identify the specific behaviors needed for success in each position
* Highlight behaviors that many be holding an employee back
* Map a personal strategy for improvement
* Systematize personal and supervisory feedback
* Confirm and ensure that management is working smoothly as a team

TMG can also provide insight on:
* How well team members work together
* Where they excel or need coaching
* How well the team is suited to meet your strategic goals

Read an Assessment Case Study.

Setting Expectations
Do your employees know what is expected of them at work and do they have everything they need to do their job successfully? TMG will help you make sure that each new hire knows what to do and how to do it. Expectations will be reduced to writing in a clear, concise format. And most importantly, those expectations will tie directly back to your organization’s strategic goals.

Review some of the reports we can provide to you to help manage your team and structure it for optimal success.