PROFIT is not the raison d’etre of American business but without it, the goals of growth, service, and making a meaningful contribution to our society are not possible. Even so, we never lose sight of the fact that our decisions affect people, their families, and their futures.

Ben Markens

BenBen has been managing partner since the inception of the business in 1988. A certified practitioner of the Balanced Scorecard, he maintains ongoing commitments with over fifty firms across the United States. An engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking speaker who has addressed dozens of trade group conferences and seminars, Ben can speak on practical business strategies, exit strategies, key staff recruitment, how successful leaders accomplish their goals, and more.

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“Many of our clients have become friends. We’re serious about helping them become better leaders and make more money, and our enthusiasm and commitment are contagious.”

Lou Kornet, CAE


For over fifteen years, Lou has assisted clients with their strategic planning and project management needs. Lou focuses on facilitating, team building, and training.

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“It’s important to immerse yourself in the climate and culture of each organization. The more you are able to see things from the client’s perspective, the better you are able to guide them to the best solution.”

Jennie Markens

Paperboard Packaging CouncilJennie is a certified Master Executive Coach and a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with fifteen years experience working with individuals and groups. She has also taught and supervised in a Master’s degree program for the past eight years. Jennie is here to help, whether through team building or working with an individual executive to hone tools that motivate and inspire.

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“Business tasks occur in the context of complex relationships, which can complicate matters and derail an organization’s goals. Coaching can teach executives how to get back on track and lead with confidence.”

Nicole Miller

Marketing Communications Director Nicole
A creative thinker with keen problem solving skills, Nicole creates marketing plans and other tactical strategies for our clients. Her targeted and innovative campaigns elicit engagement and action, and are key to driving membership growth and improving retention.

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“Associations should be run like a successful business, which means providing tangible value to its members and staying on top of the latest trends to reach and attract new members, and keep them truly engaged.”

Susan Martins

SueController and Office Manager
Susan keeps the books in tiptop shape and ensures smooth sailing in the office. With her diligence and keen eye for numbers, she provides unparalleled financial management and reporting services.

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Michelle Perlman

MichelleMember Services Leader
The first line of contact for our clients, Michelle interfaces between external stakeholders and key TMG staff and programs, ensuring the delivery of value and excellent customer service. She also ensures that TMG remains compliant with AMCI standards for association management.

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“Excellent customer service involves giving more than expected and developing long-term relationships. If we don’t take care of our customers and members, someone else will!”

Brian Chaisson

BrianDirector of Industry Benchmarking
Our resident benchmarking expert, Brian creates industry data reports that help clients run their organizations effectively. When it comes to developing actionable industry insights, look no further than Brian Chaisson.

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Eddie Leary

EddieMembers Services Coordinator
If clients or a staff member has a question, Eddie will uncover the answer. A savvy problem-solver, Eddie fields member requests and concerns, and also shores up IT and website management initiatives.

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Brian Westerlind

BrianCommunications Manager
Brian helps our clients say exactly what they need to say. By crafting a number of written marketing and communications materials, he helps to develop and disseminate impactful messaging and branding strategies.

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Donna Dunn

Dunn_DonnaExecutive Director
More information to follow.

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